Massachusetts based rock trio Huxster began as a studio project. Dave Dunn had a bunch of songs he wanted to record and reached out to a couple of long time friends - drummer Joe Patten and guitarist Paul Amenta. Over the course of several months, songs were tracked, mixed, mastered and sounding pretty damn good.

 The decision was made to become an actual band and perform these songs live! Things were sounding pretty damn good and it was fun as hell. A whole bunch of shows were played all over the North East and they continued to write lots of new songs which became our second record - "Side Two". CD release parties were held in the Boston and New York.

 When Side Two was released, Huxster worked with Powderfinger productions to reach out to a larger audience. The result was getting songs from Side Two in medium to heavy rotation on over 150 College and AAA radio stations all over the US & Canada, including Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands.

 While out promoting Side Two a bunch of acoustic only shows were played and in the winter of 2012/13 an acoustic EP was recorded comprised on a few old songs and a few brand new ones. Currently this is available in digital form only through the band's bandcamp site.

 Huxster has a third album of brand new songs ready to go and will begin recording this spring.



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